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Friday nite 6th April 2007
Put forward by Erika Edwards
“Report accepted in entirety with recommendations in full”
2nd by James Mako

Great faith in Uri Whakatupuranga
KMH advance with these recommendations
Kukupa waiata “Pupuritia”

Superceded by Saturday
Saturday afternoon 7th April 2007
Amendment to Anaru Ratapu motion
Accepted by Anaru Ratapu
“That Hui Whakapumau mandate Uri Whakatupuranga
to be resourced to follow through the set up according to the
3 year strategy – with the spirit of working together with KMH”

Sunday 22nd April 2007
Report of KMH meeting
Agenda - Issue 2.7
Recommendations from Uri Whakatupuranga report to Whakapumau

The whole front table of KMH
Dismissed the mandate as a non event

Tumuaki responded early in the discussion; His statement was clear “No to the school”

Secretary said we failed to report back to KMH over the last 12 months
Supports the decision of the Tumuaki

Komiti member Tainui Pene asked what the resolution from Friday and Saturday Hui Whakapumau?

Reply: No reply to question

“So since the Tumuaki has made it clear not to support recommendations from Uri Whakatupuranga-lets get on to the next agenda 2.8 please.”
(As a lot of personals were being discussed not on the question)

Chairman made it clear
No report to KMH
His committee has the mana not Whakapumau
Sighted the reference Whakapuamu 1929 Kaikohe
Apotoro, Awhina, Akonga

Komiti Haahi asked if the issue would come back on the table at KMH
Answer was “No”

Apotoro Hui must now decide

We had not slept as drove back at 3am from Auckland this morning for this meeting

Out of respect for the Tumuaki; We were there to work with them from 2.30pm to 3.30pm
There was not acknowledgement that we were present; We were totally ignored
We did not talk or defend the issue

After we left Arahi Hagger laid his resignation
Saying “I go to walk with the vision of Uri Whakatupuranga etc..
This Maramatanga is not for you, it is for our children and grandchildren

Reporting Calendar over 2006-07
To Hekeretari Karaha Paama
By Uri Whakatupuranga
19th March Metn KMH with Uri

15th April Mandate Whakapumau

9th May Hekeretari
16th May Hekeretari AND Letter KMH

22nd June Hekeretari

1st July Uri Presented report to Apotoro Hui
19th July Kelly and Arahi met with Tumuaki
28th July Sent Report into KMH

22nd August Hamuera requested Uri for Labour Weekend
24th August Confirmed Te Papa venue
30th August Confirmed Kaikohe/Waitangi

1st October Reported to Piriwiritua
8th October Reported to Omeka
22nd October Reported to Hamuera
29th October Handed panui to KMH and Ratana Community
30th October Hekeretari

5th November Reported to Arepa

15th December Hekeretari

23rd January Reported to National Hui

2nd February Hekeretari
7th February Rung both offices (no answer)
8th February Rung both Offices (no answer)
8th February Convenor Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan finalised Tuahiwi dates
12th February Requested by Kingitanga Youth Wananga to speak on topic
“History of Relationship between Ratana and Kingitanga
18th February Auckland Takiwa requested a presentation
Reported at Kia Maia to Akarana/Sth Takiwa
25th February Sat with Tumuaki – complaints laid about
Uri not letting KMH know about Tuahiwi
Explained that they invited us as part of the
‘MYM Waiata Revival’ weekend

1st March Update report given to Hekeretari
4th March Presentation to KMH cancelled due to tangi
8th March Report for Whakapumau given to Hekeretari
Plus Presentation DVD -
20th March NZ Statistics finally sent latest statistics
25th March Reported to Tuahiwi/Omeka
27th March Hekeretari – to tell of printing delay

5th April Printers finally finished report Hekeretari –
6th April Presented Report to Whakapumau –
“Report accepted in entirety with recommendations in full”
7th April Presented Recommendations – 3 year Strategy
Amendment to Anaru Ratapu motion
Accepted by Anaru Ratapu
“That Hui Whakapumau mandate Uri Whakatupuranga
To be resourced to follow though the set up according to the
3 Year Strategy – with the spirit of working together with KMH’

16th April Hekeretari
22nd April Uri Whakatupuranga attended KMH
“With the spirit of working together”

Mandate Whakapumau 2007
“Uri Whakatupuranga is to be resourced to follow through the ‘set up’ according to the three year strategy – with the spirit of working together with Komiti Matua ote Haahi”

Our people have the ownership and always will. It was clearly stated after this mandate was passed that they wanted to resource the next 12months.

First step of 3 year strategy is the establishment of a
Morehu Education Authority

Governance Body

Kaitiaki the long term Vision

Guide, find and keep the principals of the institutes on track
Maintaining the integrity between themselves and Whakapumau

Strategies for resources
Streamline programs
Vision and Framework
Morehu Education
Network: Komiti Haahi Matua

Uri Whakatupuranga must have ready for Apotoro Hui July 2007 all submissions
Expression of interest
Opening date 1st May 2007
Closing date 22nd June 2007

Each Pariha must place their submission with their Takiwa
It is the Takiwa who will send a signed official letter to Uri Whakatupuranga
With their final selections

1 Ture Wairua and 1 Ture Tangata Representative
To go forward to the Apotoro Hui 2007 where only 12 will be selected

A suggested proportional representation
80% to Morehu
20% to Whanaunga

Open to all with skill base – please send CV attached

Second step
Te Kau Ma Rua
12 Action Team – Management
• Responsible to Morehu Education Authority
• Action Implementation Plan
• Milestones and Timeframes
• Responsible for delivery of 3year Strategy

2007-2008 Selected and Trained – 12months program
2009 Education Framework Established
2009-2010 Implementation of Foundation Program

Uri Whakatupuranga must hand into the Apotoro Hui July 2007 all submissions.

For these 12 positions
Expression of interest
Opening date 1st May 2007
Closing date 22nd June 2007

Personal Qualities
Skills and Knowledge in
Networking Communicating
Co-ordinating Planning initiative

No age restrictions
Subsidiary groups and departments will be developed

So our people have the ownership
Each Pariha must place their submission with their Takiwa
It is the Takiwa who will send a signed official letter to Uri Whakatupuranga
With their final selections
1 Ture Wairua and 1 Ture Tangata

To go forward to the Apotoro Hui 2007 where only 12 will be selected

A suggested proportional representation
80% to Morehu
20% to Whanaunga

Open to all with the skill base – please send CV attached
©Uri Whakatupuranga Suite 3 Pukenamu Mobile: 027 231 9050
1 Guyton Street Email:puawaihagger@hotmail.com

Uri Whakatupuranga would like to lay our objection to the above decision and that KMH be held accountable to Hui Whakapumau.

The above attachment shows clear open dialogue did take place as requested by KMH between Uri Whakatupuranga representative Puawai Hagger and KMH Hekeretari Karaha Paama.

Regular updates were given through reports and placed on the website for transparency and accountability.

Arepa Omeka Piriwiritua and Hamuera were all given access to research and showed there support through signed kawenata – 765.

Progress Report
October – January 2007
After our busiest period in this Maramatanga calendar
We look back on the work done to advance the re-establishment of a
Bible University and Treaty College
Consultation with our Morehu

• 1st October 2006 Te Tii Marae Waitangi - Piriwiritua
• 8th October 2006 Te Papa Museum Wellington - Omeka
• 22nd October 2006 Omahu Marae Hasting - Hamuera
• 5th November 2006 Ratana – Arepa

I have sat pondering over words to evaluate these 4 major presentations when this independent review was emailed touching the very core of my spirit reaffirming why we as a small team “Uri Whakatupuranga” carry this light with such passion and dedication.

Kia Whai Kororia, Honore, Hareruia Kia Ihoa O Nga Mano
Matua, Tama, Wairua Tapu Me Nga Anahera Pono Me Te Mangai

Tatu iho ki nga tuakana Wairua
Arepa, Omeka, Piriwiritua, Hamuera ko te Mangai kei roto hei tautoko mai Ae!

Te Uri Whakatupuranga Presentation Sunday 5th November 2006
He mihi tenei ki nga hunga kua whakaritea I te kaupapa whakaaturanga ki mua I te haukainga o Ratana Paa. Ka whakahokia atu i nga ma hara ki a ratou ma kua huri ki tua o te arai, i mate ai ratou mo tenei maramatanga o tatou, mai i te timatanga o te hekenga mai o tenei kaupapa no Ihoa ki enei ra. Ka nui te aroha ki a ratou ma kaore ano e kitea i nga hua papai katoa. Kua whakatakotohia ratou i te whariki ki mua i te aroaro o Ihoa. Noreira tena ra koutou katoa.

Whilst sitting in the conference room waiting for the presentation Te Uri Whakatupuranga had worked so hard preparing for, I sat with an open mind & reserved all judgment. After all formalities were completed and the word was given to begin the visual presentation I was suddenly strucked with the sound of thunder that immediately grabbed my attention to the screen.

While I sat and watched the first 15 minutes of the presentation I was moved with great emotion that reminded me of why my Nana & Koro left all they owned to follow the divinity and the wisdom of Jehovah who embedded his power & glory into T. W. Ratana. I was emotionally drawn to those who had passed away & died for this maramatanga, who sweated blood & sacrificed so much for their love & belief of this maramatanga.

While I sat and listened to the instructions Te Mangai & Piriwiritua left behind for our people to uphold, to teach, to continue & more than anything to embrace, it brought tears to my eyes to know that those who had passed away, and worked hard for this maramatanga are not here today to enjoy & see the fruits of their hard labor flourish.

Although their lives will never be forgotten, we the inherited will endeavor to continue their legacy through our lives. I am especially reminded of a time dated just over 10 years ago, when I distinctively remember Ruia always encouraging people to take a proactive stance and prepare themselves for the thousands who are seeking the enlightenment that Jehovah gives so freely.

It was during the presentation Te Uri Whakatupuranga produced did the coin drop for me, and all that was once clear like mud became ‘clear like crystal’. It’s not hard to understand that people are the missing link in order for this maramatanga to reach the multitude. This is clearly demonstrated when I think about the links of the chains that surrounds our Temple. This maramatanga needs people who are willing to take the responsibility and ownership to secure the survival of this maramatanga. I am sure that people all over New Zealand and the world will then be able to grasp & understand the teachings of Jehovah through the word and wisdom of T.W.Ratana – Mangai / Piriwiritua.

The presentation also gave me;
• sense of belonging
• sense of identity
• sense of dignity
• proud to be Morehu
• proud to be Maori
• sense of freedom from all constraints of society
• an in-depth understanding of the history of my whakapono
• clarification of what I already know, believe & practice
• confirmation that I am on the right pathway with regards to my belief & values

I would like to personally thank Te Uri Whakatupuranga for their time, patience, courage & strength for the hard work that they have produced within this presentation. I am aware that this is only the first window of opportunity that in my view will grow into the world’s greatest achievements yet. The presentation visually, orally & musically enhances the mind, body, soul & spirit of the individual. It also reaches deep inside and ignites the flame of the very existence of whom we are and why we call ourselves MOREHU.

Ma Ihoa hei tiaki, hei Manaaki I nga mahi me nga tumanakotanga katoa, Kia tuturu tuturu pumau, ko Ihoa te paa-kaha te paa-piringa e tino tata ana I nga waa katoa;

Matua, Tama, Wairua Tapu me nga Anahera Pono me te Mangai Te kai arahi, te kai tautoko aia nei ake nei Ae!

Thank you once again; these above presentations have been highly successful and support has been shown with the signing of our petition by over 600 supporters.

NOW we need to focus on pulling in those petition forms handed out during each presentations. Each family member has the right to sign in support for the Bible and Treaty College. Address and contact number/email is essential for our database of supporters. Please hand into your Komiti Haahi, so your parish representative can bring your support to Hui Whakapumau on the 7th April 2007
Personally send to Uri Whakatupuranga
POBox 34 Ratana
Each parish must seriously look at assisting their Pou financially
So they have a representative at this Easter Synod “Hui Whakapumau”

2007 Consultation
Requested and sponsored by the regions below
24th January 2007 Youth Marquee 25th January Ratana Celebrations
National audience
Positive response – request for more ‘Maramatanga’ wananga
14th February 2007 Te Kauhanganui Hopuhopu Ngaruawahia
“Ratana-Kingitanga Relationship”
Hareruia, Kereama and Puawai attended.
A thirty minute presentation was given by Hareruia Aperahama
Well received and looking forward to further opportunities for exchange.
18th February 2007 Kia Maia Pariha Akarana Metro
Akarana Kite Tonga
Stimulating korero in reply by those who attended

24th -25th March 2007 Tuahiwi Marae Woodville Nth Christchurch Omeka Rohe
This is a two day gathering of all
South Island Morehu Whanau
An evening meal will be served Friday night
Saturday Revival of waiata and action songs
Lead by MYM Kapa Haka members from Ratana
Sunday Uri Whakatupuranga team member
Kereama Pene
Hareruia Aperahama
Arahi Hagger
Puawai Hagger
DVD and presentation on the archival research gathered on
“Reinstatement of the Bible University and Treaty College”

A draft report for Komiti Matua ote Haahi for perusal will be prepared
Panui will be sent out to all senior Apotoro seeking attendance at Hui Whakapumau

Signed by Keith Newman 24-1-2007
Fundraising venture – Buy your books through Uri Whakatupuranga

Statement from Keith Newman regarding a financial contribution towards the Ratana Bible University and Treaty College.

I appreciate the opportunity to clarify some misunderstands that have arisen concerning the book Ratana Revisited. In the past 2 months advertisements have been placed in newspapers around the country by Komiti Haahi Matua disassociating it from the book. This has apparently given rise to rumors that the book is full of errors and that I am using the Ratana Church and Movement for my own personal financial gain.

The book Ratana Revisited was an independent work of research undertaken by myself over a period of 20yrs. I received invaluable assistance in completing that research from a number of people including Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan and the Uri Whakatupuranga group.

Kereama Pene, Ruia Aperahama, Arahi and Puawai Hagger have helped greatly in providing a wide range of material including translations from the Maori language and photographs from the Ratana archives. I would like to make it clear that I am making available 25% of the proceeds from all copies of Ratana Revisited sold through Uri Whakatupuranga to help towards establishing a Ratana Bible University and Treaty College. I fully support the work of Uri Whakatupuranga in this regard. So if you buy your copies of Ratana Revisited through them you can be assured you are helping to fund this important work.

A second printing of Ratana Revisited is currently being prepared following discussion with a Uri and members of key families in the Movement. The second edition will feature additional photographs, further new information and some minor corrections and adjustment. To the best of my knowledge Ratana Revisited is an accurate and up to date story of Ratana, the man, the prophet, the political visionary and the movement and church he founded. It is my great privilege to return your history and your great hope for the future to you in this book.

Puawai Hagger Suite 3 Pukenamu
Project Manager 1 Guyton St
Ph 027 231 9050 Whanganui
Email: puawaihagger@hotmail.com

As far as resourcing, this project is functioning through personal contribution and participation.

Ko te huarahi e rere ai te manu, kei te whakaro o tena o tena , o tena.

Thank you Keith for your contribution. We all need to start looking at how we can contribute to this project:

This does not need to be money
We are looking at the future here
Skills and networks are essential for the next stage of this project

No reira, nga manaakitanga tuturu o Te Matua Tama Wairua Tapu me o ratou Anahera Pono Te Kahui Ariki Wairua, Te Arepa, Te Omeka, Piriwiritua, Hamuera me Te Mangai, Ae

Hui Whakapumau
April 7th - 8th 2007
Uri Whakatupuranga has made it to 6 regional hui
Our 7th and last one being Omeka South Island
Tuahiwi Marae
24th – 25th March
Our presentations have been highly successful and support has been shown with the signing of our kawenata by over 600 supporters
NOW we need to focus on pulling in those kawenata forms handed out during each presentations
Each family member has the right to sign in support of the reinstatement of the
Bible University and Treaty College
Address and contact number/email are essential for our database
Please have them handed back into your Komiti Haahi, so your parish representative can bring your support to Hui Whakapumau
Each pariha must look seriously at assisting nga Apotoro and Awhina
to Hui Whakapumau 2007
So your representation has voting authority at this Easter Synog
No reira, nga manaakitanga tuturu o Te Matua Tama Wairua Tapu me o ratou Anahera Pono
Te Kahui Ariki Wairua, Te Arepa, Te Omeka, Piriwiritua, Hamuera me Te Mangai, ae

Brief 2004-2006

1. On the 24th January 2004 at the official opening of “Ratana Archives Centre” an initial working group Kereama Pene, Arahi Hagger, Puawai Hagger and Hareruia Aperahama, arranged a series of small meetings with interested groups and individuals in the early part of 2004.

No te 24 o Hanuere 2004, I te whakatuwheratanga ai o “Ratana Archives Centre” I ara ake te ope mahi nei, a Kereama Pene, Arahi Haggar, Puawai Haggar me Hareruia Aperahama, I konei ka whakaritea etahi huihuinga iti nei me etahi hunga whakaaro nui kit e kaupapa rangahau nei.

2. Following this meeting a steering group was formed including the four members of the original working party

No muri iho I tenei hui, ka ara ake teteahi roopu tataki I te kaupapa.

3. In March the steering group produced a draft Strategic Plan describing the rationale for the reinstatement of a Bible and Treaty College, its values and principles, goals and planning, structure, teaching and research.

No te marama o Maehe I oti nei I te Roopu Tataki nei tetahi kaupapa rautaki e whakamaarama ana I te whakaaranga ake ano I te Kareti Paipera, Tiriti o Waitangi hoki, me ona pumanawa, ona kaupapa matua, otira me nga whainga, nga whakakaupapatanga, nga akoranga me nga rangahau.

4. On 22nd October 2004 a draft proposal for the Bible and Treaty College was submitted at Omeka Pa, 50 people were present including representatives from Tai Tokerau, Akarana, Tai Rawhiti and Petone takiwa.

No te 22 o Oketopa ka takoto te tauira kaupapa mo te Kareti Paipera – Tiriti ki Te Omeka Pa, 50 te tokomaha I reira, etahi hunga no te Taitokerau, Akarana, Tairawhiti me Poneke.

5. On 20th November 2004 a public meeting was held at Omeka Pa Hareruia Aperahama presented the research supporting Treaty College, 150 people were present including representatives of the Maori Party With key morehu supporters

No te 20 o Noema 2004, ka tu tetahi hui nui ki Te Omeka Pa, Na Hareruia Aperahama I whakaatu I nga rangahautanga mo te Kareti Paipera-Tiriti. 150 te tokomaha I reira, otira, ko etahi o nga Mangai o Te Roopu Torangapu Maori I tatu ake me etahi Morehu.

6. On 8th of November 2005 a completed comprehensive index of historical references was submitted to the Hekeretari ote Haahi Ratana and Runanga members

No te 8 o Noema 2005, ka oti nei tetahi pukapuka rarangi rangahau, ka takoto ki mua I te aroaro o te Hekeretari o Te Haahi Ratana me nga mema o Te Runanga.

7. On 24th of January 2006 a public meeting was held at Ratana Pa 300 people were present a covenant of support was signed.

No te 24 o Hanuere 2006, ka tu tetahi hui nui ki Ratana Pa – Koni atu I te 300 o te hunga I tautoko aa Kawenata.

8. Following the public meeting representatives of supportive groups decided to submit a remit for discussion at the church congress Hui Whakapumau in April

No muri iho, ka tautokotia te kaupapa a Te Roopu Tataki hei rimiti, he mea tautoko na Te Taitokerau me Te Tairawhiti hei haere ki mua I te aroaro o Te Hui Whakapumau.

9. In April the mandate was whole heartedly supported by governing body of the church ‘Hui Whakapumau’

No te marama o Aperira, ka tautoko kahatia tenei rimiti e Te Hui Whakapumau, te whakaminenga whakamana o te Haahi Ratana.

10. Met with Patriarch (Kaumatua of Ratana Family) Juji Nakata Taiaroa for confirmation of his support towards this mandate

Ka hui tahi me te kaumatua o te whanau Ratana me Juji Nakata hei whakapumau I tona tautoko I tenei kaupapa.

11. The Auckland meeting on 24th April steering committee requests a written letter of approval from the governing body of the church ‘Hui Whakapumau’

No te 24 o Aperira, ka tono te Roopu Tataki kia tohua mai e te Komiti Haahi Matua he reta tautoko I nga mahi a te roopu nei, he mea whakahau na Te Hui Whakapumau.

12. 18th May approval letter received from Komiti Matua ote Haahi signed by the Secretary of the Church Karaha Paama.

No te 18 o Mei ka whiwhi ki te reta tautoko mai a Te Komiti Matua o Te Haahi, he mea haina na Te Hekeretari o Te Haahi, a Karaka Paama.

13. 24th May 2006 steering committee met to establish project scope and resource requirements

No te 24 o Mei, ka hui ano te roopu tataki he wananga I te huarahi e rere ai te manu.

14. Advisors that have graciously respond to our requests have been
• Hon Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan
• Hon Mita Ririnui
• Marara Hook
• Kai Arahi Hui
• Kukupa Tirikatene
• Joe Everitt
• Anaru Ratapu

Ko te hunga tautoko I te karanga o te kaupapa ina noa nei:-

15. 1st July Kereama Pene presented an update report at the Apotoro Hui Conference Room, Ratana Pa. 42 pou were represented.

No te 1 o Hurae, ka whakaatu ake a Kereama Pene I te ripoata kit e Hui Apotoro I Ratana Pa. 42 nga pou I tae ki taua hui.

16. 5th July Church office provided historical records of the certificates
These prove the claims that TWRatana had established an

• Independent Registry Office
• National Education and Accreditation Framework

Showing the Ratana Church and the Ratana Federation have their own
Diploma, degrees, licences and registrations.

No te 5 o Hurae, ka tukua mai e te Tari nga pukapuka Tiwhikete- hei whakapumau I te whakapae, I oti nei I a TW Ratana etahi tikanga hei:-

• Tari Rehita
• He taahuhu matauranga morehu, hei whakamana, hei whakapumau Tiwhikete, ara kei te Haahi Ratana ake ona Tohu Matauranga.

17. 13th July steering committee met to lay down a clear focus for the future founded on the kaupapa left by TWRatana Mangai - Piriwirtua

No te 13 o Hurae, ka hui ano te roopu tataki ki te wananga me te whiriwhiri I te huarahi e maranga ake ano ai nga kaupapa a TW Ratana – Piriwiritua.

18. 17th July Uri Whakatupuranga members Kereama Pene and Puawai Hagger attended the release of Jan Bieringa documentary on “Ans Westra” Magnificent photographic history of her years at Ratana Pa and her long time relationship with morehu families.

No te 17 o Hurae, ka tae a Kereama Pene me Puawai Haggar kit e hui whakatere I te hotaka pakipumeka mo “Ans Westra” me ona mahi ataahua rawa I tangi whakaahua haere nei a ia I nga huihuinga Ratana, Morehu hoki.

19. 19th July Kereama Pene and Arahi Hagger meet with Harerangi Meihana on behalf of Keith Newman (author) presenting a copy of the new book “Ratana Revisited” for prior inspection before book launch.

No te 19 o Hurae ka hui tahi e Kereama Pene, Arahi Hagger me Te Tumuaki o te Haahi a Harerangi Meihana, hei reo tautoko I a Keith Newman te kaituhi I te pukapuka “Ratana Revisited” e riro ai maana te panuitanga tuatahi I mua o te whakaterenga.

20. 26th July steering committee met and a letter was sent to Hekeretari ote Komiti Matua ote Haahi informing of our intended mataro, in order to consult and gauge response to remit. Hui Whakapumau informed our Pou but we need to inform and consult our Morehu katoa.

No te 26 o Hurae ka tonoa te reta a Te Roopu Tataki kit e Hekeretari o Te Komiti Matua o Te Haahi, hei whakamohio tera e maatorotoro ai I te motu, hei hao mai I nga whakaaro pu o nga Morehu mo tenei kaupapa.

21. Wananga Kia Maia Pariha: “Te Rongopai Hou” passed in 1951 Hui Whakapumau Ref: Te Whetu Marama ote Kotahitanga

Ka tu te wananga mo “Te Rongopai Hou” I paahitia I te hui whakapumau o te tau 1951.

22. 6th August Book Launch of “Ratana Revisited” by Keith Newman
Whakamoemiti at Okahu Bay – Kauhau Hareruia Aperahama
Book Launch at Waipapa Marae – Special guest Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan
Te Omeka arm came into the north and asked, “Where are the Gladiators?”
(These are not pou that are needed in this fight for the Treaty)
Komiti Haahi Matua had special meeting on this day discussing “Ratana Revisited”

No te 6 o Akuhata ka whakatera te pukapuka nei “Ratana Revisited” na Keith Newman.
Whakamoemiti ki Okahu – Ko te kupu kauhau, na Hareruia Aperahama
Ko te whakaterenga I te pukapuka ki Waipapa Marae. Ko te manuhiri nui o t era, ko Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan – No tenei ra hoki I hui motuhake te Komiti Matua o Te Haahi kit e whiriwhiri I te pukapuka “Ratana Revisited”

23. 10th August Kereama Pene, Arahi Hagger and Puawai Hagger travelled to Onerahi to sit with Fred Para, the official guardian of “Rongopai Hou O Ihoa”
This second book was handed over to Uri Whakatupuranga to sit with the first
The coming together of these books has been spoken about. It is said
“You will know this is the time, the anointing, the out pouring of the spirit, believe and have no fear.”

No te 10 o Akuhata ka hui tahi a Kereama Pene, Arahi Hagger, Puawai Hagger ki Onerahi me Fred Para, te kaitiaki I “Te Rongopai Hou o Ihoa” ka riro mai I te roopu Uri whakatipu te tuarua o aua pukapuka. Tera I kiia, “Taihoa ma te wa e mohio ai kit e whakawahina mai o te wairua tapu, kaua e wehi e mataku”

24. 15th August was the passing of Dame Te Atairangikaahu (1931-2006)
20th August Hareruia Aperahama laid down the prophecies on Turangawaewae

No te 15 o Akuhata ka okioki te Kuini Maori Te Atairangi Kaahu (1931-2006)
No te 20 o Akuhata ka puaki I a Hareruia Aperahama nga kupu nui ki runga o Turangawaewae marae.

25. 23rd August steering committee met topic: Kingitanga - New Reign, New Focus
A clear strategy from Ratana is needed to build on the legacy
I am the Prophet You are the King
Parliament of God Parliament of Man

No te 23 o Akuhata ka hui ano te roopu tataki : Kingitanga – Te Ao Hou, Te Kiingi Hou, Te kaupapa hou. “Ko koe ano e Rata hei Kingi Maori, ko ahau ano hei Poropiti, hei tohu huarahi mo te Iwi e”

26. 26th August Hareruia Aperahama our Japanese translator
Kereama Pene and Puawai Hagger meet with 6 Japanese Bishops celebrating 25year since their ordination in Japan by the Pope.
• Rev Takehiko Oda – Chancellor of Osaka Catholic University - Osaka
• Rev Yoshinobu Goto – Assistant Secretary General of Bishops - Tokyo
• Rev Toyohilo Hirake – Director of Northern Seminary – Tokyo
• Rev Goro Matsuura – Chairperson of Justice and Peace of Japan – Osaka
• Fr Masanosu Tunata – Direct descendant of Kakure – Cryto Christians
• Fr Shoro Arima – Sign language specialist – Osaka

Uri Whakatupuranga presented them with an enlarged photo of Bishop Juji
Nakada and Ratana taken in Tokyo 1924 signed by patriarch Juji Nakata Taiaroa and a copy of the Keith Newman book “Ratana Revisited” - in return we received our first bible for the Bible University
• Japanese Bible
• Japanese biography of Juji Nakada
• Japanese encyclopedia
• Frame image of Mary and child Jesus

These were all gifted to the Bible and Treaty College Library

No te 26 o Akuhata ka tu ko Hareruia Aperahama hei kaiwhakamaori reo hapanihi.
Ka hui tahi te roopu tataki nei a Hareruia Aperahama, Kereama Pene, Puawai Hagger me etahi Pihopa Hapanihi tokoono.

Ka takohatia ake e Te Uri whakatipuranga he whakaahua o Pihopa Nakada me TW Ratana I Tokyo 1924 he mea haina n ate kaumatua nei a Nakata Taiaroa, otira me tetahi pukapuka “Ratana Revisited” na Keith Newman – Ka takohatia mai e nga Pihopa Hapanihi nei etahi taonga.
- He Paipera Hapanihi
- He pukapuka whakapono na Juji Nakada I tuhi
- He pukapuka whakapapa Hapanihi
- He whakaahua ko Meri me te karaiti a Ihu.
- I takohatia mai hei taonga mo te Kareti Paipera-Tiriti hoki.

27. 30th August Kereama Pene, Arahi Hagger and Puawai Hagger took Kawenata
through the north. 1st meeting with Fred Para at Onerahi then went on to Kaikohe and sat with Pene Hui, Kai Arahi Hui and Max Cochrane. Confirmed programme for the 1st October 06 at Te Tii Marae, Waitangi

No te 30 o Akuhata ka takoto I a Kereama Pene, Arahi Hagger,Puawai Hagger te Kawenata mo “Te Rongopai Hou” kua riro mai nei, hei korowao manaaki, otira, ka hui tahi me Pene Hui, Kaiarahi Hui Max Cochrane, ka rite te hui mo te 6 o Oketopa 2006 ki Te Tii Marae, Waitangi.

28. 1st September steering committee met – Whole point of this research is that God has prepared a place for us”

No te 1 o Hepetema ka hui ano te roopu tataki:- "Ko te tino otinga o enei mahi katoa, tera kua rite mai he waahi I a Ihoa mo tatou” Ko Hamuera te tatau

29. 3rd September laid the kawenata in Te Temepara Tapu, Ratana Pa

No te 3 o Hepetema ka takoto te kawenata ki roto I te Temepara Tapu, ki Ratana Pa

30. Omeka Pa confirmed it was not prepared to host consultation hui for Omeka rohe

Kua oti mai I Te Omeka Pa, kahore ona tautoko, awhina hoki I nga hui mo nga morehu e pa an ki te kaupapa nui nei.

31. October Consultation: the steering committee will go out for consultation with the people in the 4 Quarters Arepa, Omeka, Piriwiritua, Hamuera to provide a comprehensive presentation of research gathered for the feasibility. Attendance and feedback from you all would greatly enhance the final package that will be presented at Hui Whakapumau 2007.

Nga Hui o Oketopa: Kua rite he hui mo nga rohe katoa, tenei te roopu tataki te matorotoro, hei kohikohi mai I nga whakaaro pu o nga Morehu, hei whakatakoto ki mua o te Hui Whakapumau 2007
• 1st October 2006 Te Tii Marae Waitangi - Piriwiritua
• 8th October 2006 TePapa Wellington - Omeka
• 22nd October 2006 Omahu Marae Hasting - Hamuera
• 5th November 2006 Ratana – Arepa

32. Bible University Treaty College web site is linked to the official site www.theratanachurch.org.nz allowing you to monitor this project
Email puawaihagger@hotmail.com allows you to communicate directly and show your support through filling out the contact list. There will be a petition tabled at each community presentation or you may down load a form for your family to sign.

33. Adding your names to our support list gives us the ability to take forward your support to Hui Whakapumau 2007. If you are able to attended that will be an added bonus

Legal Issues
Certificate of Incorporation : Uri Whakatupuranga Charitable Trust
which was incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 on 1st October 1999.
Reg. IRD number

Hareruia Aperahama is live on Radio Waatea Monday to Friday 12midday to 3pm

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with any inquiries or Ph: 027 231 9050

Bank account for the Trust is open
We are happy to receive donations through cheques payable to
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Receipts will be sent promptly.
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